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The Rejected best gift

Readers are encouraged to copy and circulate this article. It may be the last opportunity an unsaved person have to consider and make a commitment to prepare for their eternal destiny.This evangelizing tool will provide useful answers to objections frequently raised by persons who reject or are dismissive of the salvation message. 

Biblically Correct Feast Dates and Site

Have you often wondered whether it is Biblically correct to have various Feast sites all over the world, and to celebrate Yahweh's Holy days on different dates, but with each congregation claiming that its selected day is a 'Holy' day? Something is radically wrong and it is about time it is addressed. Yahweh is not the author of confusion. He never sanctioned this anomaly. This article carefully examines what the Bible specifically says about the place Yahweh has chosen to put His Name and what are the only correct Feast dates. You will be amazed by what is unearthed. Get ready for a very big surprise!

Other Articles:

Are you ready?

This publication is laid out as a leaflet for you to copy and distribute freely. It challenges the reader with the most important question, "are YOU ready at this moment to meet your Saviour after death or at His return?". Many persons brush aside this subject as though life after death is a fallacy. This invaluable leaflet gives believers the opportunity to carry out their vital role of fulfilling the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. Use this tool to help you in getting the job done.  


Don't be Satan's puppet

You were not born to be a puppet. You have a mind and a free will to make choices. Nevertheless mankind has become puppets of Satan. Is Satan pulling you with invisible strings to be the person he wants you to be? He may have a stronger grip in your life than you think ...


Is the Sabbath day 12 or 24 hours

This study examines the varied meanings and usages of the word 'day' in the Bible, as well as the working periods in Biblical times so as to  find out the length of the weekly Sabbath day. It should be read in conjunction with the article 'When does the Sabbath day begin and end' in order to obtain a clear understanding of the duration of Yahweh's Sabbath day.

When does the Sabbath day begin and end

This article, which has been revised to utilise some of the information in its companion article 'Is the Sabbath day 12 or 24 hours?' is a 'must read' for everyone who desires clarity on when Yahweh's Sabbath day begins and ends.


In Search of Truth

Why is it that all congregations say their doctrines are from the Bible, and yet there are thousands of denominations throughout Christendom with varying or conflicting doctrines, each declaring to be teaching the truth? How many different 'truths' can there be on any topic? What is truth anyway? This important article will help you to escape the maze of doctrinal contradictions and to find for yourself the Biblical truth and nothing but the truth as taught by Yahshua and practised by His disciples. 

When does the Biblical day begin?

This popular article has been revised and in now entitled When does the Sabbath day begin and end

Keeping Yahweh's laws correctly

Have you been meticulously keeping Yahweh's commandments and thinking that you may be fit to enter Yahweh's Kingdom? Keeping Yahweh's laws involve much more than many persons realise. It is important that you read and apply the lessons of this article, in order to be sure that your obedience meets Yahweh's high standards. 

Which is the Biblical New Year's Day?

Is January 1, the Biblically correct New Years' Day? If you have been unclear whether or not you should celebrate this day, and have not examined the origin of New Year's Day, this mini-study will be beneficial to you. 

Understanding the New Heavens and New Earth

Are you unclear about the differences between the Millennium Kingdom and the New Heavens and New Earth? Will there be a need for healing in the New Earth? Will sinners die or will they live forever tormented in the lake of fire? Read this article and find the Biblical answers to these and other perplexing questions. 

Worthy to Escape the Tribulation?

What did Yahshua mean when He said to His disciples, "pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape"? Did He mean that His followers of all ages would escape the Tribulation? Is the doctrine that the Messiah would come to take His followers out of the Tribulation, Biblically sound? Did Yahshua specifically say that they would or would not go through the Tribulation?This article, based strictly on what the Bible actually says, without making assumptions will answer these many questions for you.

Messiah did not come in A.D. 70

Preterists believe that all or most prophecies relating to the end-tme, including the Messiah's Second Coming were fulfilled with the fall of Jerusalem in A.D.70. If this is true, has the resurrection of the saints already taken place? Are we now in the Promised Land to which the Bible heroes looked expectantly? Is this it? Read the implications and our refutation of this false doctrtine in our Open Letter to Preterists.


He arose on the THIRD Day

There are conflicting theories of the actual days of Yahshua’s burial and resurrection. The Bible settles this dispute, when we accept ALL the information in the gospels without bending or ignoring any (e.g. the Emmaus men), so as to accommodate some favourite or pre-determined stance…

Sunday Biblical Sabbath?

Is there any Biblical proof that the disciples changed the Sabbath to Sunday in honour of Yahshua’s resurrection? When and by whom did Sunday worship begin? Read the facts behind the fiction …

Be not deceived! - Part 1

Yahshua prophesied that in the last days, His followers would be deceived. You do not need to become a victim to Satan’s strategies. The Bible explains that you can build your beliefs upon an impregnable foundation of truth, which will withstand the enemy’s severest onslaughts. Read this important beginning of a four-part series on avoiding the deceptive traps that are prevalent today … 

Be not deceived! - Part 2

The teaching that ‘grace ‘ has replaced 'the law', or that ‘faith’ in Yahshua has taken the place of ‘obedient works’ is very popular. Adherents on both sides can find Scriptures to substantiate their beliefs. What is required is not a majority vote of approval one way or another, but simply a “thus says Yahweh” ... Does Paul have the final word? Beware of false teachings …

Be not deceived! - Part 3

This world is not your final destination. There is an overwhelming emphasis today on gratifying self and materialism that has crept into churches who advocate an unbiblical ‘prosperity gospel’ as evidence of Yahweh's blessings and favour. It is a re-enactment of the temptation in the Garden of Eden to twist the words of Yahweh so as to appease selfish desires. Beware… 

Be not deceived! - Part 4

Know for yourself the end-time events as prophesied by Yahshua. Get the sequence right concerning the Great Tribulation and His Second Coming. Be ready. Do not rely on optimistic theology. You may be shocked in the end.  Know the truth now. Be not deceived…

Eternal Security

Is ‘Once saved always saved’ a Scriptural doctrine, or is it possible to stray after repentance? The Bible gives an unequivocal answer. Trust the word of Yahweh and not the lying serpent…

Exit to where?

When you have made your final exit off the stage of this life, where will be your ultimate destination? All persons will not go to the same place. It depends on the preparation you make now…

For such a time as this 

The heroes in the Bible all fulfilled a special mission for the time in which they lived. What can you do now, since you shall not pass this way again? Now is the only time you have …

From the Inside out

Your battlefield is not where you live, work or study or the circumstances you face. It is in your heart and mind. That is where your battles are fought, lost and won. It all begins from the inside… 

Keep the flame ablaze

How can you keep the heavenly flame ablaze throughout your pilgrim journey to life’s end? There are lessons to be learned from the example of Aaron in the law of burnt offering, who had been commanded by Yahweh to ensure that the fire “shall never go out”. Fires only continue to burn for as long as their fuel last …

Extraordinary achievements are the results of extraordinary effort. Are you more concerned to blend in with the crowd than in straining every sinew to get to your desired goal? Learn from Biblical examples … 

On Time!

The miracles in the Bible teach us something about Yahweh’s timing. You will need to adjust your time to His clock, and then you will find He is always on time! Read this and learn how to cope when circumstances are beyond your control…

Praise Yahweh!

Learn all about praising Yahweh and discover an underused source of strength when you are weak… 

The Heritage of Jacob

What did Yahweh mean when He promised through His prophet Isaiah to “feed you with the heritage of Jacob”? The Bible enables us to discover this hidden meaning that applies to us today …

That I may Know Him

What is the secret to knowing Yahweh personally? Yahweh has revealed Himself to persons in the Bible and wants you to know Him … 

This Biblical theme/study will be a real source of encouragement when you face insurmountable obstacles with the assurance that He will make a way…. 



Proclaim the Name! - Part 1

What is the name of the Creator? 'God' and 'Lord' are not are not names but common titles. We are taught to pray “Hallowed be thy name” What is the name that is hallowed? If you are His child, you have a right to know His name… 

Proclaim the Name! - Part 2

What is the Saviour’s name? The name ‘Jesus’ has no meaning in its Greek/Latin origins. But this is not surprising since He was a Jew and would have had a Jewish name. The angels who appeared to both of His Jewish parents said that the name would indicate His mission…